Bots, Coinlings and other little things.

Handmade. unique. Lovable.

Welcome to BoFlo, creator of adorable little things, handcrafted from old coins and recycled materials, mixed in with a big dollop of love ❤️


The latest additions to the BoFlo family. Take a look at the new matchbox bots – Lanky Frank & Pip, Leelee, Latch and Radio Ed.

Three tiny copper robots made by BoFlo

All of these adorable Bots have their own unique characters, each handmade from recycled metal, old coins and other discarded things.

an assortment of tiny figures made from old coins. Each with big eyes and antennas.

Coinlings are super cute characters made from old coins. Some mischievous and a bit cheeky, some nosey, and a few are downright grumpy.

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Would you like something unique for a particular occasion, or a gift for someone special ? I’d love to help you create that special item.