About BoFlo

About BoFlo a picture showing BoFlo's workbench. On the bench are tools used to make BoFlo's bot and coinglings and selection of items being made.

Hello there! Welcome to the whimsical world of BoFlo, where each handmade Bot, Coinling, and delightful little creation is born from a sprinkle of magic and a lot of love.

In my cozy Dorset workshop, magic happens. With my own hands, I transform old coins and recycled treasures into unique characters. It’s a labor of love: sawing, shaping, soldering, and polishing each piece to life. Every BoFlo Bot and Coinling is not just a creation, but a personality – crafted to spread joy and smiles.

My imagination is always buzzing, dreaming up new and enchanting Bots, Coinlings, and other wonders. As they come to life, they eagerly await their journey to the shop, ready to find a place in your heart.

BoFlo’s commitment to our planet is woven into every creation. I use only scrap metal and offcuts from UK businesses, turning what was once discarded into something magical. Our packaging is just as thoughtful – eco-friendly, mostly sourced from a dedicated UK supplier, using FSC certified and recycled materials, ensuring everything is plastic-free, reusable, and compostable. At BoFlo, I’m not just crafting charming companions, I’m trying to nurture a happier, healthier planet, one adorable Bot and Coinling at a time.

BoFlo Story

BoFlo began in 2020 when my Mum handed me a rusty ‘Quality Street’ tin full of old coins that my lovely Dad had collected in his youth. I knew that there was magic to be gleaned from these forgotten trinkets, and so I set to work imagining and designing some ideas.

An old Mackintosh's Quality Streets Tin with a slot for coins.
Picture of some old english coins in an old Quality Streets tin.
Picture of small copper robot being soldered, glowing red hot.

There was something about making new creations from old treasures that I adored. I started to wonder if I could offer people curiosities made from these beautiful old coins that wouldn’t affect our lovely planet and the life on it. Sure enough, over time, little characters started to emerge one by one from my workshop.

Picture from the BoFlo workshop of a shape being handawn from copper.

It took me a while to come up with a name for my little company, and most of my ideas were either already taken or didn’t quite fit. I was busy thinking in my workshop, drinking a cuppa with a Hobnob, when I could feel a pair of furry faces staring at me: my two dogs, Bonnie and Flo. The name was obvious! (They were only sitting there because of the biscuit).

So that’s BoFlo, making new things from old things and making people smile.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet.

Becky BoFlo