New Arrivals

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  • Radio Ed

    Radio Ed is learning to play the guitar, he tells me it’s quite challenging but he practises everyday and he’s hoping to get there one day.  He loves chips and gravy, coffee and gangster films, he gives epic hugs and dreams of owning an off road motorbike, he’s secretly a bit of a petrol head.
  • Latch

    Latch is a keeper of dreams. He will guard your dreams and keep them safe in his little tummy.  Latch is loyal, noble and true, he believes in wishes and magic. Latch also likes pancakes, playing backgammon and his favourite film is Disney’s Wish.
  • Leelee


    Leelee is a dreamer, she loves spending time contemplating life and all its wonders, she’s a deep thinker with a spiritual soul. In the warmer months you’ll often find her dancing in a field somewhere, making daisy chains or looking up into the blue sky spotting shapes in the clouds. Her favourite things in life are wild swimming, daisies and poetry.

  • Lanky Frank and Pip


    These guys are absolute best buddies and are completely inseparable. They love sifting through all the leftover bits of copper I have on my workbench. They sort it all into piles for me and chuck all the smaller bits into a melting pot to melt down and use again.

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